The SEO Strategies Your Business Must Avoid

The SEO Strategies Your Business Must AvoidSEO has been the ever evolving, yet primary focus of online marketing campaigns for many years.

But just because an SEO strategy is frequently deployed doesn’t make it a good one.

In fact, there are many SEO strategies out there that just plain… suck. There, I said it.

“We are in something of an SEO red scare lately; SEO black hatters are ending up on Google’s Blacklist, while the benign white hatters are rewarded for smart digital marketing strategy by more clicks, page visits, conversion and customer engagement,” says Marcus McReynolds, Director of Digital Marketing for Fusion 360, an award winning digital marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Recently, McReynolds provided an insightful rundown of the top SEO strategies that businesses should avoid like the plague. Among the biggest must-dodge tactics are:

1. Keyword confusion: “It’s not enough to make an educated guess about what clients will type in search engines to find your products,” McReynolds writes. “Utilize tools like Google Ad Words to find essential keyword information.”

2. Keyword overload: In the early days of Google, this was a routine practice. But not today. The reason? “The Google bots who crawl a keyword stuffed page will consign it to the bottom of their search engine results,” the digital marketing veteran explains. “Don’t believe us? We wish you the best on Google’s 230th page of the search result.”

3. Links, links, and more links: Go ahead. Place a few relevant links in your article. But don’t overdo it. If you stuff extraneous links into your content, the results for your SEO will be just as bad as overloading your work with excessive keywords.

To learn about other SEO strategies to avoid – cloaking, link buying, duplicate content, etc. – check out McReynolds’ full post on this subject over at the Fusion360 Blog (a resource every digital marketer should bookmark).