The Rise of the ‘Mobile Strategist’

A jigsaw of the words Plan and StrategyIt’s a new job title that may soon find its way to the posted job openings at your company (if it hasn’t already been advertised and filled).

We’re referring to the “mobile strategist” — a key team member who will help keep a mobile-first strategy moving forward in one or multiple aspects of your business.

“As mobile becomes ubiquitous in today’s enterprise – via apps, BYOD and the Internet of Things – 75 percent of companies have created roles to unify, manage and deploy mobile strategy across the organization,” reads a new report summary from Kinvey.

These new mobile-focused professionals are busy creating the overall mobile strategy, defining the mobile app dev and deployment platform, and measuring mobile’s impact and results.

A recent independent study, commissioned by Kinvey, reveals that while every organization varies slightly when it comes to the specific role and tasks of the Mobile Strategist, the majority focus on strategy, measurement, and development. In fact:

  • 47% report their role is to create the overall mobile strategy;
  • 40% focus on measuring mobile’s impact and results; and
  • 39% are responsible for creating a development platform.

“While there will always be improvements and tweaks to be made, ultimately it is a great sign for the future of mobility that enterprises are creating positions focused specifically on driving mobile forward,” says Sravish Sridhar, founder and CEO of Kinvey. “The research shows companies are finally recognizing the value mobile can deliver. One thing we can expect to see in 2015 and beyond is continued attention on specific ways enterprises can improve mobile processes, such as through more effective and efficient app development and deployment,” adds Sridhar.

To access the full report, click here.