The Reward for Marketers Who Offer Best Customer Experiences? Better Reputation and Loyalty, for Starters

Jetlore Rolls Out Support for Multiple Content Types in Personalized Experiences Across ChannelsMarketers are always hunting for ways to meet, and even exceed, customer expectations.

Now comes news that “improving the overall experience can be beneficial not just for customers, but for marketers as well.”

“More than eight in 10 business executives find that improving customer experiences is fundamental to future success, as well as improved brand reputation, according to January 2016 research,” reports eMarketer.

That data came from consulting company The Storytellers, which surveyed executives from companies in the top 500 of the Forbes Global 2000.

“When asked about the benefits of improving customer experience, 88 percent of executives said that it’s fundamental to future success,” according to eMarketer. “The same number also said that improving the customer experience improved brand reputation.”

Other rewards? Better returns, to be sure, and a whole lot of lovely loyalty.

“Meanwhile, a poor customer experience can affect future purchases for the worse,” explained eMarketer. “Separate data from Onestop found that nearly half of U.S. digital buyers said that it’s unlikely that they would make another purchase if they had a bad experience.”