The Plight of SMBs and Technology Vendors: What Do Those Businesses Want?

The Plight of SMBs and Technology Vendors What Do Those Businesses WantIt appears that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs ) want a better explanation of value, as well as a consistent cross-channel experience from tech suppliers.

While it’s still a nascent market, vendors looking to push SMBs to take the next step in technology must take their wants and needs into consideration when reaching out, according to recent research.

In fact, June, 2015 polling by SMB Group showed that “figuring out how different technology solutions could help their businesses was the leading tech challenge cited by U.S. small businesses.”

And about half (42 percent) of SMBs made that observation.

“This was the third-biggest challenge among respondents from medium-sized businesses, cited by 31 percent; among this group, implementing new solutions and upgrades was the leading issue (40 percent),” reported eMarketer. “Around two-thirds of respondents from each group said securing or protecting their companies from threats was a challenge — a lingering issue for small businesses.”

What else is an issue?

“Containing technology costs rounded out the top three small-business challenges,” according to eMarketer.

How can vendors improve the purchasing experience?

A majority of respondents need vendors to more clearly articulate how their solutions will help improve specific business goals, as well as provide a consistent experience across channels.