The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Turns to Multimedia for Youth Campaign

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Turns to Multimedia for Youth CampaignWhen it comes to connecting with youngsters, nothing works better than multimedia content, or in this case, emojis.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit, has just launched a new multimedia campaign for teens that uses emojis to communicate the challenges of negative influences, “empowering them to live Above the Influence.”

The campaign, we’re told, was created pro-bono for the nonprofit by Boston-based advertising agency, Hill Holliday, as part of the Partnership’s Above the Influence (ATI) teen program.

The initiative titled #WeGotYou consists of an integrated campaign written in emojis and anchored in a mobile experience. Teens are driven to a mobile website through digital out-of-home, cinema, mobile, social, pre-roll and print advertising.

Individual emoji sentences in each of the ads act as cryptic messages, encouraging teens to “crack the code” via the unique URL featured at the end of each ad, a provided statement reads.

“The entire campaign was born out of a very simple idea: speak to teens in their language. It just so happened that language was emojis. Linguistically they were the perfect fit for our audience – emojis are today’s teen slang. The fact that our emoji messages effectively act as codes allowed us to target our communication to a very specific audience, while engaging them in an ongoing conversation,” said Amanda Roberts, Copywriter for Hill Holliday. “We named this effort ‘#WeGotYou’ to help reinforce the simple, but powerful sentiment that Above the Influence understands what today’s teens are going through, and that they’ve got their back with resources and a community if they ever need help.”

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