The “Other” New York Paper Goes Mobile

ny-daily-news-appWith all the talk about the New York Times’ accomplishments and endeavors in the mobile realm, you would think there are no other major newspapers in the Big Apple.

The New York Daily News, however, is not only one of New York’s biggest newspapers, it’s also the 6th most “widely circulated” daily paper in the United States today.

Befitting a publication of its stature, The New York Daily News is finally rolling out a new mobile application (developed by Handmark) that will deliver the biggest headlines directly to readers via their mobile device.

Based on the first impressions logged by readers and longtime subscribers, there’s nothing overtly innovative about the app – much like the apps from competing publications. Instead, the app is a meat and potatoes offering that serves up the news as only the NY Daily News can. And, luckily for the paper, that’s all readers seems to care about anyway.

According to New York Daily News CEO Marc Kramer:

The Daily News is dedicated to bringing quality content to New Yorkers, and we are focused on expanding and enhancing the way our readers access it… Our new mobile application offers a fast, easy and convenient source for our readers to connect with anytime, anywhere.

The app in question is both free and now available for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile Smartphone. To get it, simply text MOBILE to 36397, or via the mobile web at