The One Mobile Commerce Stat Marketers Must Know

on line shopping
on line shopping

Mobile marketers failing to take mobile commerce seriously are missing golden opportunities.

That’s a key takeaway from a new report, the findings of which were shared with MMW today.

Kibo, a global provider of cloud-based omnichannel commerce solutions, has just announced holiday shopping figures for its omnichannel retailers and branded manufacturers, showing that Kibo clients are performing above the industry average. Black Friday sales, year over year, show the industry average up 11.4%, and Kibo clients are up 14%.

It’s no surprise to find that more and more consumers are using some type of mobile device to make Cyber Week purchases. Leading up to Thanksgiving, industry influencers were forecasting strong mobile use. According to Kibo’s recent consumer survey, 59% plan to purchase holiday gifts this year using their smartphone.

The killer stat?

For Kibo clients, 58% of transactions took place on mobile devices this Black Friday, compared to the industry average of 40%. Compare this year’s Black Friday mobile percentage to last year’s, and Kibo retailers and manufacturers are up 8%.

Cyber Monday also made a good showing for mobile use, with Kibo clients reporting 42% of transactions occurred on mobile, compared to the industry average at 35%. Overall, Cyber Monday also saw about $3.39 billion online, setting a record for the largest day in U.S. eCommerce history. Kibo clients definitely saw that windfall, with Average Order Value coming in at $173 on Cyber Monday, compared to the industry averages of $139 and $124 for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

“These figures from Kibo clients and the industry as a whole continue to show the crucial importance of mobile in consumers’ shopping journey,” says Tushar Patel, CMO of Kibo. “The distinction between online and in-store will continue to blur. Consumers using mobile for research (both at home and in store) will rise, and as retailers continue to improve their marketing and eCommerce engagement on mobile, the number of consumers completing their transactions over mobile will increase. Retailers that focus on creating a seamless, relevant experience at all touch points during a consumer’s buying journey are the ones that will rise as omnichannel champions in 2017.”