The NFC Forum Publishes ‘Major New Specification’

On Thursday, The NFC Forum, which if you’re not familiar is a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication technology, published the NFC Controller Interface (NCI) specification.

The release is freely available to the public without cost. Based on details included in this morning’s press release, the NCI is a “major new specification, created from the ground up, that defines a standard interface within an NFC device between an NFC controller and the device’s main application processor.”

So in a world densely populated with new whitepapers and specifications at every turn, why is this one so important?

The availability of the NCI specification is significant because it makes it easier for device manufacturers to integrate chipsets from different chip manufacturers, and it defines a common level of functionality and interoperability among the components within an NFC-enabled device.

“With the publication of the NCI specification, device manufacturers will be able to integrate NFC controllers into their products quickly and simply,” says Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum Chairman. “This will ease chip sourcing and shorten time to market for new NFC-enabled devices of all kinds. I would like to recognize all of the NFC Forum Technical Committee members for their concerted effort to deliver this important specification.”

To check it out for yourself, click here.