The New And Improved PayAnywhere Storefront

The New And Improved PayAnywhere StorefrontIf you are a business owner who relies on the PayAnywhere Storefront to manage your mobile or in store credit and debit card payments, you will appreciate the latest software updates MMW was just briefed on.

PayAnywhere says they are always looking for ways to improve their services. In a recent announcement they shared their most recent changes and updates.

Quick Cash Checkout Buttons

The new “Quick Cash” buttons make paying with cash a breeze, by simply rounding totals up to the next whole dollar amount. You can also click on “View Cart” to see all items rung up, along with the subtotal, discount, and applicable taxes.

Tips And Signature Updates

The new and improved PayAnywhere storefront has a new feature that allows customers to leave a tip. The new design also improves the clarity of customer signatures.


The new receipt functions allow you to email or print receipts. There is even an “Add Receipt Notes” button that allows you to add additional information about the transaction.

These features will ensure a faster, easier, and smoother checkout process.