The Need for Speed: Fast Mobile Sites are a Holiday Must

The Need for Speed Fast Mobile Sites are a Holiday MustWhat does your online retail website need in order to be appealing to shoppers this holiday season? Speed, especially on your mobile site.

Web browsing on mobile devices is, when compared to the speed achieved on laptops and desktops, notoriously slow, and that means that consumers are more likely to backtrack and look for another website than remain on yours.

The 2014 State of the Union: Mobile Ecommerce Performance report found that users want their webpages to load in less than three seconds. How fast does an iPhone load the page? Almost five seconds. Devices older (of any manufacturer), take upwards of seven seconds. In today’s hyper technologized environment, with attention deficit consumers, that’s plenty of time for the individual to decide he’d rather find a website that didn’t so long to load.

This holiday season is going to see more and more individuals shopping via mobile devices. Newly introduced apps and tools on all operating systems make it easier than ever to make a purchase over a mobile connection. Last year’s Black Friday saw upwards of 20% mobile sales.

What does this mean for your business? It means that if your mobile site doesn’t have a great load speed, you’re going to lose the holiday shoppers that are turning to their mobile devices to make purchases.