The Must Have Mobile App for Back to School

The Must Have Mobile App for Back to SchoolWith millions of students returning to the class room this week, sleep deprivation is about to wallop countless parents and their zombie children still on that summertime sleep schedule.

Just in time to help, the makers of Sleep Genius are temporarily making their iOS app available for free in the Apple App Store.

“The next generation of sleep aids is here and uses sound, but in a different way than music or sleep machines,” says neuroscientist and former NASA-funded sleep researcher Seth S. Horowitz.

Available for the iPhone (but coming soon to Android), Sleep Genius was developed by experts in neuroscience, sleep, sound, and music.

According to Dr. Horowitz, neurosensory algorithms like those upon which Sleep Genius is based, proved very effective in clinical trials (75% of subjects fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer).

So, how exactly can neuroscience help you sleep better?

“Our exclusive sleep algorithms and scientifically composed music ease your brain into its natural sleep rhythms,” the makers of the app say.

Not just another sleep app with static white noise and fake natural sounds that has ZERO effect on your brain’s sleep centers. Nor is this just another sleep cycle or monitoring device that tells you how you slept…we actually help you sleep.

Following the app’s official launch earlier this summer, Sleep Genius will be available to download at no charge for a limited period of time.

To check it out, click here.