The Most Absurd Apple Rumor You've Heard This Year

The Most Absurd Apple Rumor You've Heard This YearFrancis McInerney, a consultant at North River Ventures, thinks Apple will one day acquire… get ready for it… Disney.

Sound a bit difficult to believe? Not to McInerney.

“The logic is so great this could happen tomorrow,” McInerney says. “The two companies have an identical way of thinking in complementary markets. There’s nothing they do that competes with another. And yet combined this would be a powerhouse deal in the imagining.”

“This changing structure, this Gutenberg-like tectonic shift  in human behavior based on the cloud’s ability to offer unlimited computing at marginal cost, says to Disney, ‘We’ve got to be on the platform to grow in the new space,’ ” McInerney is quoted by the Washington Post.

Of course, it’s no great secret that Apple and Disney retain close ties, thanks in no small part to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ close relationship with Apple. But their business dealings could be destined to intertwine further, the analyst asserts.

In fact, McInerney calls a potential Apple-Disney deal “frighteningly obvious.”

So… do you think Apple would ever cough up somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 billion – at least – to acquire Disney? Or is this prediction as absurd as predictions go? Please weigh in with your thoughts or opinions below.