The Mobile World Faces Another Challenge Today

Last month, the tragic passing of Michael Jackson meant many things to many different people.

For the mobile marketing industry, news of the King of Pop’s death challenged the mobile news realm and the internet at large like few events have in contemporary history.

Today, as the life and legacy of Michael Jackson are celebrated at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it is expected that the mobile news industry will be forced to bring their A-game once again.

With hundreds of millions of hits anticipated today on entertainment and news websites covering the memorial service, the mobile realm has another unique opportunity. Unlike the last, for which there was no initial preparation, mobile news providers have had days to gear up for one of the busiest news days anticipated this year.

The challenge will be to retain the same level of professionalism and proficiency that mobile news providers offered when word first broke of Jackson’s death. Just as millions will always remember where they were when JFK died, millions more today will now recall when and where they learned (many on their mobile device) that the biggest recording star of the last generation passed away.

For years, mobile marketers have worked to build their industry and reputation to reflect strength and credibility. So far this year, circumstances have proven a test to the foundation built beneath mobile news distribution. It’s a challenge that will take center stage once again today.