The Mobile Marketing Association Rolls Out The Red Carpet for Motricity

The Mobile Marketing Association has sounded the trumpets to herald its newest Global Premium Member, Motricity. And it sounds like the MMA is pretty excited about it.

“Through the delivery of relevance-driven merchandising, marketing and advertising solutions, Motricity empowers mobile operators, brands and agencies to maximize their reach with customers,” the MMA says of its newest Global Premium Member.

Membership with the MMA will allow Motricity to reinforce the benefits and opportunities associated with mobile marketing and advertising.

Nearly two-years old, MMA’s Premium Membership is the highest-tier membership for companies that the MMA makes available.

The lofty membership status, according to the MMA, is for firms looking to establish “an advanced global leadership position across the mobile marketing industry.”

In addition to Motricity, MMA Premium Members also include Alcatel-Lucent, InMobi, Microsoft Advertising, Millennial Media, The Coca-Cola Company and The Tribune Company.

“We are thrilled to welcome Motricity as the latest Global Premium Member of the MMA,” said Greg Stuart, MMA Global CEO. “Motricity’s and Ryan’s personal commitment to helping the MMA accelerate the growth of the mobile marketing industry is exactly the type of leadership we need to build and to solidify the mobile channel as a world-class marketing platform and indispensable part of the marketing mix.”