The Market for Mobile Sports Wagering is Growing

The Market for Mobile Sports Wagering is GrowingAccording to a new report from our sister site mGamingWatch, tech company CG Technology and Logrand Group, a Mexico-based entertainment and gaming operator, have signed an agreement for CG Technology to license its sports book system.

The system in question includes mobile sports wagering, back end account management, and wallet functions at eight Logrand Group casinos in Mexico.

Under the terms of this agreement, Logrand Group will be able to utilize CG Technology’s software in additional locations as their business expands.

According to details imparted in a news release, this marks CG Technology’s first technology licensing deal in Latin America. In addition to seeking opportunities in Latin America, CG Technology is exploring race and sports book expansion opportunities internationally.

“We are delighted to work with the Logrand Group and bring our state-of-the-art licensing and software solutions to their casinos, including Jubilee, Mexico’s largest casino,” said Lee M. Amaitis, President and CEO of CG Technology.

“CG Technology estimates it has in excess of 25% of the Nevada sports wagering market and that over half of these wagers are conducted on mobile devices in Nevada,” Amaitis, adds. “Our leading expertise in this area means we are perfectly positioned to elevate Logrand Group’s entertainment offering, especially as we introduce customers to the ease, convenience and excitement of mobile sports wagering applications, a phenomenon we are delighted to bring to the Logrand Group.”