The Link Between Mobile Video And Traditional Commercials

The Link Between Mobile Video And Traditional CommercialsIf you still view mobile videos as only the less expensive TV commercial alternative for small and medium sized businesses, think again. In a recent report by BrightRoll titled “BrightRoll Insights: Mobile Video Advertising Strengthens TV Media Investments,” the link between the two was thoughtfully considered and thoroughly explored.

Not only do mobile videos have the potential to reach consumers who watch less TV, and stream more of their TV and movie viewing, but online videos can be used as a cross-platform  marketing approach.

For example, mobile videos designed to complement TV commercials for the female consumer group (ages 25 to 54) can increase reach by over 12%. On top of that, mobile video viewership continues to grow at a rapid rate, meaning that mobile video stands to reduce target rating point by over 13%.

In order to achieve significant success, it is advisable to dedicate at least 15% of your marketing budget to mobile video. You will also need more than one or two mobile videos per campaign to see results, the report notes.

To learn more, download the full report here.