The Holidays are Coming… Is Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Ready?

The Holidays are Coming Is your Mobile Marketing Strategy ReadyIt happens every year around this time: marketers begin scrambling to finalize their holiday plans. As also happens, many are doing it at the last minute.

The problem is, mobile marketing is so extremely important these days that putting it off until the last minute simply isn’t a very bright idea. That being said (and with apologies if we just described you) these tidbits from a recent report about mobile marketing strategy for the holidays should help.

First, don’t forget that email marketing messages are only opened these days on mobile devices but, for the most part, that’s the primary place where they’re being opened these days.

Next, and possibly most importantly, having your mobile website optimized is a definite necessity. Yes, you might have to completely redesign your site, but when you consider that a one second delay in the response time of your mobile website (one second!) can reduce your conversions by 7%, you realize immediately that it’s well worth it.

You also have to keep in mind that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets allow their users to be very interactive. The point here is that mobile video and advertising isn’t the same as television, even though many marketers don’t seem to know the difference quite yet.

SMS marketing should definitely be a part of your strategy as well. It’s not only cheap and easy, it’s highly targetable. Don’t forget to give your customers a value add on however, rather than just an announcement, because you don’t want them to start opting out of your annoying (and basically worthless without some type of exclusive offer) messages.

Finally, try to remember that holiday shopping is about more than just sales, it’s about convenience and saving time too. Using beacon technology to help your customers pay for their purchases via their mobile devices, or tell them where the lines in your store are the shortest, will build a new affinity for your brand while helping you to make sales.

Hopefully these mobile marketing tips will allow you to have what all marketers hope for at this time of year, happy and high spending holidays.