The Heavyweights Weigh In On Mobile Marketing: Improvements Must be Made

At their gathering in New York this week, Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile Marketing Forum conducted a survey among 129 attendees (advertising agencies, content providers, aggregators, carriers and others) in hopes of better understanding exactly what is going on in the industry.

If it was opinions that the MMA wanted, boy, did they get their fill! In one of the more interesting commentaries, Steve Leonard of Motricity likened the current state of the mobile marketing industry to the primordial days of the Internet. “The investment in mobile marketing and advertising may be low today,” says Leonard, “but the results of our survey make it clear that there is tremendous potential for growth in this category.”

Among other gems of info gleaned include:

— 40 percent of marketing agencies said they currently spend less than 2 percent on mobile marketing initiatives, however, one-third of the group said they expected to increase spending by more than 25 percent next year.

— 71 percent of the content providers and 58 percent of technology providers polled said that advertisers aren’t using mobile marketing and advertising because the channel is underdeveloped.

— 31 percent of wireless operators reported that they are looking for more information from the mobile ecosystem on the strategies used for executing mobile marketing campaigns.

— 49 percent of content providers and 36 percent of aggregators said that “targeting and demographics” are most critical to effective mobile marketing campaigns.

— 23 percent of wireless operators said they felt that content customization and personalization are the key to increasing mobile marketing.

— 48 percent of agencies said opt-ins or registrations are most important for demonstrating return-on-investment.