The Going Gets Better for Google: Mobile Ad Success Key to Company’s Share Rise

The Going Gets Better for Google Mobile Ad Success Key to Company's Share RiseLooks like Google may have turned a corner — at least for now.

True, the mobile advertising side of the Google’s business has been lackluster for a while, but recently there has been improvement which might lead to even more growth.

Google’s share price rose last week due to success in the company’s mobile advertising efforts. The rise was almost 15 percent to $664.88 per share. Google also announced that revenue hit $14.35 billion in Q2 of 2015.

“Despite being the biggest search engine in the world, many consumers have been going straight to apps like Amazon and Ebay to search for products, rather than using the search giant on mobile,” explained Go-Mash. “However, mobile ad spend is booming, with Google seeing great success in the past three months.”

As ad sales gravitate more and more to mobile, Google is needs to show it can master the medium. But there are still challenges ahead.

“Google’s mobile advertising channels appear to be strengthening, so for marketers, it is still a solid way of generating new customers,” notes Go-Mash. “However, as we move even more to a mobile app-first internet, there is room for competitors like Amazon to take more and more long term customers away from the search engine and towards its own app.”