The Global Deployment of IoT Devices is Getting Easier

The Global Deployment of IoT Devices is Getting EasierGemalto, a leading name in digital security, and Jasper, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has just announced a partnership to “simplify global deployment” of IoT devices and services through on-demand subscription management.

According to a provided release, integrating Jasper’s IoT service platform with Gemalto’s LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity “removes the complexity of deploying connected services worldwide” – for mobile operators, device manufacturers, and application providers.

Customers, we’re told, can provision and manage subscriptions on devices remotely via a single embedded SIM (eSIM), resulting in more efficient and cost-effective deployment models while enabling rapid distribution and device activation.

“Enterprises across every industry are already looking to deliver IoT services to their customers today, but the ability to expand those services globally across multiple mobile operators can be daunting,” said Macario Namie, VP Strategy at Jasper. “This partnership enables mobile operators to benefit from a pre-integrated solution which reduces complexity for all. Joining forces with Gemalto means connected devices can be transferred seamlessly between networks to take advantage of local operator support, comply with international roaming restrictions and address cost constraints.”