The Future of Email Marketing: Improve Content, Up Incentives

The Future of Email Marketing Improve Content, Up IncentivesAccording to a recent post at AdWeek, email is increasingly read on mobile devices, but “that doesn’t mean the desktop is no longer relevant to marketers.”

That’s just one of the takeaways from a report by Campaign Monitor analyzing behavioral data from nearly six million email-marketing campaigns across devices and platforms.

“The findings show that the recent shift to mobile has made it more difficult to get readers to engage with content, unless marketers can drive a subsequent open in another environment, like the desktop,” says the report.

The report includes information like benchmarks on open rates across different clients, advice on improving rendering, data on the relationship between opens and clicks, and an overview of behaviors that increase engagement.

Key findings include this advice to email marketers:

• Go responsive: Opening email on mobile devices is now more common than opening in desktop or webmail clients. Marketers should prioritize responsive designs to get the best possible outcome from their campaigns.

• Improve content: Readers are less likely to click through on the initial open from mobile devices than they are from their desktops. The standard for compelling content is higher than ever.

• Create incentives: Mobile readers who open emails a second time from the desktop are 65 percent more likely to click through than readers opening for the first time. Marketers need to understand how to drive subsequent opens.

See the full report here.