The First Step Toward Rehab Often Begins on Mobile Devices, PCs

The First Step Toward Rehab Often Begins on Mobile DevicesAccording to new research to which MMW has been privy, a growing number of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction are now turning to their mobile devices as the first step on the road to recovery.

Although the entertainment industry and media reports have created the impression that rehab is only sought after an intervention, countless individuals take it upon themselves to seek help for recovery every year. When they do so, mobile devices and, to a lesser degree, personal computers, routinely provide the easiest route to information and, eventually, treatment.

For those who operate rehab facilities and other addiction counseling services, having a detail-rich website with both substance and style is critically important.

Laguna Beach, California-based Miramar, which provides world-class solutions and healing to those affected by drug and alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, is often credited with having the “ideal” web presence in this space.

Miramar’s website, which not only articulates the presence of an expert clinical team in a gorgeous coastal setting, also offers a helpful and informative blog which can often facilitate a conversation with a prospective future client before the first point of contact is even made.

Video, written content, testimonies, and scores of visuals are what make Miramar’s website an attractive reflection of the outstanding facilities they’ve cultivated.

“Whether you’re a rehab center or a hospital, you may be the best in the world, but if you look second-rate online, people who need help will seek that help from someone with a better website, even if the care they’re getting is subpar,” healthcare web design specialist Brian Moore tells MMW.