The Eyes Have It: No Wonder Online Video is Booming

The Eyes Have It No Wonder Online Video is BoomingWhat’s easier to take in — a wall of text or a visual?

You guessed it. It’s the visual.

But it’s not a choice we make mentally, so much as visually. That’s because the brain processes images faster than text — and fully 50 percent of it is devoted to visual processing.

Consider that the human eye can identify about 10 million different colors, according to this amazing (and visual!) infographic from the video production experts at Utah’s top advertising agency Fusion360. They’ve pulled together some eye-catching facts about visuals that explain a lot.For instance, in an ad — do you see the picture of the dress before you read the description? Probably so. And when you’re online — is the video the thing that attracts the most?

It makes sense. No wonder online video viewing — on every device — is taking off like a rocket.

Do you know how much of the information our brains take in is visual? Seeing is believing — so find out below.