The ‘Escape Room’ Goes Mobile for Businesses

adventure_logo_10112016a_webImagine being locked in a room with no way to get out except your brainpower and life skills. Would you have what it takes to escape?

It’s a thrilling and terrifying prospect — especially when it takes place at your place of work.

Does your team of employees know how to work together to get out of this situation? A new game will be the ultimate test to see how well your team works together, its makers tell us.

In business today there is one thing that all managers and HR Personnel can relate to most and that is the need for better teamwork and communication among their employees in the workplace. When you have an office full of people with different thoughts, ideas, education and backgrounds it’s safe to say that employees are butting heads a lot!

One the popular ways companies are doing this is through a well-known exciting team building activity called the “Escape Room”. Up until now all of these Escape room events have had required companies to bring their entire team to a single location which can be very costly for some offices and leaving some just not able to afford it. That’s why one team building company, Adventure Games, has created the first and only mobile Office Escape Room adventure where everything is set up to take place in your office.

“This is proving to be a benefit for companies who may not be able to send their team to an off-site location for the day or having large budgets to fly their staff to other locations,” reads a media announcement emailed to MMW.

Not only is this escape room mobile but it also offers more learning and more fun than some of the other Escape room competitors, we’re told.

To learn more, check out Adventure Games here.