The Employment Boom in Mobile Apps Continues

As MMW reported February 7th, that mobile app industry is creating jobs at a dramatic pace.

According to the latest research, there are now roughly 466,000 jobs in the so-called “App Economy” in the United States. That’s a dramatic improvement over 2007, when that number was zero.

During the first eight weeks of 2012, the job market for mobile app developers has never been stronger.

Just this week, XpertTech announced that the company will be looking to hire 30 mobile application developers on all platforms for a large project they won in the San Francisco area.

XpertTech is striving to have these 30 mobile app developers ready to design, code, and create within 30 days.

“This is a substantial undertaking knowing that expert mobile developers are becoming a scarcity as the job market consumes these talented professionals,” says Matt Ramos, Manager of Recruiting for XpertTech.

“82% of our clients have said they plan on developing a mobile app in 2012,” said Joe Budzienski, the company’s Executive Vice President. “As an app fanatic myself, it’s amazing how quickly this industry has evolved; the possibilities are infinite. To me this is just as exciting as the ‘invention’ of the internet. Whether you have just graduated college and have been developing in your dorm room between classes, or have worked as a senior engineer who realized app development was your true calling, we want to speak with you. The only thing we ask is you live, breathe, and eat apps!”