The Condensed Wisdom of Tesla Boss Elon Musk Comes to Amazon from Bestselling Author Ian Fineman

Elon CoverIf you admire Elon Musk, have twenty minutes to spare and three bucks to spend, there’s a new (and completely unauthorized) ebook on Amazon that’s billed as “brain fuel for the entrepreneurs, educators, and elite minds of tomorrow.”

“He’s one of the world’s most accomplished, inspiring, and innovative entrepreneurs of the 21st Century. The life and lessons brought forward by Tesla founder Elon Musk” are condensed and presented in this new micro-read from bestselling author Ian Fineman.

“In the newest installment of his bestselling brisk biography series, Fineman captures the most brilliant and instructive words and demonstrations of wisdom from Elon Musk’s life,” says the eBook’s publisher.

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