The Bright Future Of Secure Mobile Marketing

A collaboration between MyScreen Mobile and WISeKey announced recently aims to define a new standard in the delivery of high-quality, personalized and secure advertisements, as well as offers and transaction capability to mobile phones. In other words, it wants to make mobile advertising as secure as possible to allow for new features in the world of mobile commerce and other highly-sensitive data exchanges.

The two companies want subscribers to utilize the new found privacy enhancing solutions to securely opt-in to receive advertisements, credits, coupons and transaction offers, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible due to a lack in security.

The WISeKey solution uses digital identities to enhance access security, secure communications, and enable trusted transactions, making them safer, more accessible, and friendly for end users. The digital certified identities reduce identity fraud while offering users the same ease and security in the mobile world as in the physical world.

“This collaboration with MyScreen has the potential to become a de-facto standard for secure mobile advertising and mobile transactions”, said Carlos Moreira, Chairman and CEO of WISeKey.

Security among mobile campaigns has been an issue since the beginning, with several companies making valiant attempts to strengthen the technology. Security for hardcore mobile commerce such as banking and financial transactions have already been thoroughly developed and tested, but when it comes to security among mobile marketing campaigns that want to tie in some sort of redemption or other financial tasks, it’s yet to be perfected. Maybe this partnership will change all that.