The Beer Truck Backs up for Mobile Marketing

For a while, it seemed that beer companies missed the boat (and missed an opportunity) to get on the mobile marketing bandwagon.

But not Coors. In fact, they are literally on the boat.

Molson Coors – through their subsidiary Different World Drinks – is now working with Adeye to produce a mobile marketing campaign to its “specialty beers,” which include: Kasteel Cru, Grolsch Weizen, Dos Equis and Blue Moon.

According to the official announcement, Adeye has already used a range of innovative mobile marketing and live promotional techniques to help Different World Drinks showcase its beers at a “boat launch in Bristol Docks for its top 30 regional customers” yesterday.

Fittingly, invitations for the big party were sent out via SMS.

And from the looks of it, the mobile bells and whistles proved a bigger hit than the beer, as bluetooth technology was also in full bloom on the docks as various beer brands were promoted right on guests’ mobile phones.

Based on the successful response to its new efforts, Coors is poised to take its aims to newer, higher levels.

Gavin Hogg, sales manager at Molson Coors said: “Mobile is definitely the way forward for our industry and also allows us to build valuable marketing data and help our clients target customers directly, wherever they are.”