The Bar Has Been Raised for Indoor Location Retail Revenues

The Bar Has Been Raised for Indoor Location Retail RevenuesAhead of the weekend, ABI Research issued a new report on indoor location technologies that continue to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace.

Driving this growth is a host of new technologies and companies entering the fray in 2014. The result, ABI says, will be an acceleration of adoption across all major verticals as a slew of new services and revenue opportunities emerge.

In ABI Research’s “Indoor LBS: Applications, Advertising, and Revenues,” the indoor location opportunity is considered across 11 retail verticals and all major technologies.

Senior analyst Patrick Connolly says 2014 will be a watershed year for indoor location technologies.

“In 2014,” Connolly projects, “a number of major retailers are approaching the end of their trial periods and we should start to see a step increase in deployments. iBeacons/BLE will also help to drive awareness and acceptance but are by no means the silver bullet here. Most importantly, retailers now understand the need to address the newly emerging smartphone shopper.”

“Analytics,” Connolly continues, “is a fundamental first step, but longer term, a combination of targeted in-store offers, hyperlocal search and in-application advertising will drive $5 billion in revenue in 2019, enabling retailers to better reach their customers both in-store and at home.”