The 'App Generation' in Focus at SXSW

The 'App Generation' in Focus at SXSWOf the many startups and new products that have come to SXSW in Austin this week to showcase their latest wares for the world to see, one unmistakable trend apparent across myriad launches is a mobile app component.

In fact, nearly 80% of all media announcements shared with MMW since this year’s convention kicked off last Friday have been related to mobile apps.

“Not so long ago, people thought of websites as a product only developers and tech gurus could create; they never really considered the possibility of creating websites from other websites,” says Norman Ortiz, founder and CEO of iGenApps.

“Today,” he continues, “that’s precisely how such companies as GoDaddy, Microsoft, WordPress, Strikingly and others operate. The conventional thinking was that the only way to do create websites was to pay for and download software to a PC as opposed to producing the entire product online by using Software as a Service or SaaS. Now with mobile technology, it is pretty much the same story.”

Ortiz’s company iGenApps is expected to introduce this week what he calls a “revolutionary, patented” new product allowing anybody, anywhere to have the immediate ability to create mobile Apps, quickly and easily, simply by using their mobile device.

According to Ortiz, this new mobile app-centric philosophy is part of the mobile revolution and the embracement of DIY tools that could empower them.

Ortiz says that more people than ever are now looking for ways to jump into the mobile app world and not finding a simple and affordable way to do it.

“Through the years, we have all seen how people tend to resist changes but, once the benefits become readily apparent, they quickly embrace it,” he says. “When cell phones first arrived, the public resisted because most people didn’t want to be reached by anyone aside from their home or office. Of course, with Smartphones, we not only stay in touch with everyone 24/7 but we pretty much can’t live without it anymore.”

iGenApps is now working to bridge the gap of mobile App creation for non-technical users by empowering them through their smartphones and tablet devices.

“The truth is, computers are no longer the necessity they once were,” Ortiz says. “Today, there is pretty much an App for everything you want to do. The only exception was an App that allows users to develop their own codeless apps entirely from their mobile devices.”