TextMarks Walloped with Major SMS Spam Settlement

TextMarks and co-defendant Heartland Automotive Services have reached a proposed settlement with consumers in response to the alleged test message spam they blasted out to mobile devices last year (see text message on right).

Heartland Automotive Services is the largest Jiffy Lube franchisee in America.

Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango, says the proposed settlement of $47 million is “to my knowledge the largest in the history of text message spam lawsuits.”

What completely sickens me about this case is that in the proposed settlement it was disclosed that TextMarks allowed Jiffy Lube to spam over 2.3 million mobile phone numbers. That’s the equivalent of sending text message spam to every single mobile phone in both the state of Hawaii and Wyoming.

“After the TextMarks short code is shut down, their website turned off, and all their customers gone, the only good thing that will be remembered about this company is the fact that they became the perfect example of how to NOT to do SMS marketing,” Johnson penned on the Tatango blog.

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