TextMagic Launches APIs For SMS Developer Integration

TextMagic, a provider of SMS-focused solutions for businesses and developers, has launched a new bulk SMS Gateway API to allow for any application developer to connect to more than 700 global mobile networks and allow for a variety of innovative solutions related to SMS.

Developers can connect to TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway using the HTTP API or Email to SMS service, and add SMS functionality to new and existing Web and back-office custom applications quickly and efficiently, potentially reaching more than three billion active SMS service users, and adding new-age functionality along the way.  The company has even published a detailed, searchable online API manual that includes descriptions of commands illustrated with examples and includes testing hints.

In addition to the release of the new API, TextMagic has gone a step further in facilitating the integration of text messaging into software applications with the release of open-source client libraries prepared for Java, Ruby, Python, Perl and PHP.  These libraries take over the responsibility of communication with the API and serve as text messaging middleware which is both well documented and easy to install.  Since its launch, the initiative has been welcomed by developers and soon will be extended to other popular programming languages.

The company looks to have done a very good job of creating an all-inclusive package, so to speak, to developers wanting to integrate new-age SMS functionality into their projects.  Not only that, but an abundance of documentation for both the set of APIs and open source code libraries, which is sometimes hard to find with open source technologies.