Texting-for-School-Safety an Emerging Trend

High school students from the beautiful city of Marietta, Georgia may soon be able to text their local police officers, the creative brainchild of Deputy Police Chief David Beam.

Hoping to provide an effective mechanism for students to report suspicious incidents or other possible crimes, Chief Daniel Flynn appreciated the clever idea. As a result, the school is asking for the board’s approval of the “Text a Cop” program. Already, recommendations have come pouring in for the approval of this proposal.

“When students text us, there’s no way we’ll know who sent us the text,” police spokesperson Mark Bishop said. The added benefit of anonymity (since no telephone numbers are revealed or tracked) would allow students to report something without fear or embarrassment.

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Marietta has agreed to provide cell phones for the two police officers assigned to work on the high school campus. And although students are normally prohibited from using cell phones during the school day, if this program is approved and enacted, there would be “no disciplinary action for using the phones to message an officer.”

I think the police officers and students in Marietta, Georgia deserve a warm Mobile Marketing Watch round of applause.