Texting: A 20 Per Day Habit For Youth

According to a new study issued by consumer analysis firm Knowledge Networks, young mobile subscribers in the US between the ages of 13 and 29 send an average of 20 text messages each day, compared to just two texts daily for consumers aged 30 to 43 and only one for users aged 44 to 64.

Interestingly, nearly sixty percent of U.S. subscribers tell Knowledge Networks they “carry their phones with them at all times,” which is an increase of 50% percent since a similar 2002 study conducted by the same firm. The reasons are diverse, but most user enthusiasm comes from applications like mobile video or GPS, in which there is significantly greater interest among younger subscribers. 61 percent of “millennials” claim “the more features, the better,” compared with 27 percent of baby boomers.

The study also revealed that, while 8 percent of teens said they have viewed TV or video content on their phones, only 2 percent of adults have “taken the plunge.”

Consumers of all ages who embrace mobile video services spend an additional two hours per day consuming media across various platforms (including the Internet and video games) compared to other mobile subscribers.

At present, mobile web use is limited to 13 percent of all subscribers.