Text-To-Order With QVC Mobile & QWASI

QVC, which has become one of the world’s largest multimedia retailers, has teamed with QWASI, an interactive mobile marketing company, to give QVC shoppers another avenue to purchase goods on the go.

QWASI is empowering QVC with its “CataMo” platform, which is the only platform that combines mobile marketing with text ordering in one complete application suite. CataMo is the only solution available that allows retailers to market directly to customers via SMS, while enabling customers to order via text message on their cell phones at the same time.

The system works just how you’d expect. A customer can send an SMS to QVC’s shortcode “QVCGO (78246)” with the item number of a product they’re interested in. You’ll then receive information on the item and can easily reply-to-buy, as well as receive confirmation- all via your cell phone.

The CataMo mCommerce platform makes it easy for catalogers, ecommerce, retailers and brick-and-mortar companies to quickly realize the benefits of mobile through measurable mobile marketing campaigns. I would have thought QVC would already be taking advantage of text-based ordering, since it uses almost every other avenue to sell its products already. The only problem I see, is that QVC’s demographic is a little older than the normal “texting” generation, and therefore might not take off as it would elsewhere, but it’s a welcomed improvement nontheless.