Tetherball Releases “Mobiquitous 2.0” Mobile Platform

Tetherball, a provider of unique mobile loyalty and rewards solutions, today announced the release of “Mobiquitous 2.0,” the company’s next generation “mobile loyalty” platform.

Mobiquitous 2.0 includes the same mobile campaign functionality found in previous iterations, but now includes even more Web-based analytical tools that provide visibility and unmatched detailed reporting into user’s campaign performance from redemption rates and opt-ins to specific campaign results, in real time.  The new platform provides clients with a “real time window” so that they can adjust quickly and leverage the real time nature of mobile marketing- a feature rarely seen in such platforms.

“Brands continue to test the mobile marketing waters, however, in this economic climate it’s difficult to justify the marketing spend on mobile without having the ability to truly measure its effectiveness,” said Jay Highley, President and COO of Tetherball. “Many mobile marketing solutions providers tout the effectiveness of mobile marketing, however, few, if any, can actually provide the detailed analyses to determine if mobile marketing really works.  We’ve developed a robust solution that gives mobile marketers what they need to measure with pinpoint accuracy the results of their mobile marketing programs.”

Combining the real-time analytical nature of the new platform with Tetherball’s already proven RFID-based technology gives users a unique experience not easily found elsewhere.  The company’s RFID-based technology, which provides delivery of offers via SMS and redemptions via in-store POS terminals, eliminates fraud and allows clients to measure performance via real time validation.  The company claims program redemption rates of up to 50% − versus 1%-2% with online and traditional paper coupons, proving that the platform is doing something right.