Telmex Gets ‘Snippy’ Over Mobile Marketing

According to the announcement made this morning by Snipp Interactive, the international provider of mobile marketing solutions, its partner in Mexico has been selected by Telmex to create a marketing campaign for cell phone and tablet users.

Telmex is a Mexican telecommunications company that provides telecommunications products and services in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. The company also happens to be owned by Fortune 500 company America Movil.

Based on details confirmed by the partners today, the marketing campaign will use Snipp technology to create a contest for users to enter with their cell phones.

This contest is an augmented reality video game experience complemented with Telmex branding and messaging. Users can enter the contest through their cell phone by simply following instructions provided at all Telmex retail outlets and phone kiosks across Mexico City. The campaign is expected to launch in early December to tie into Christmas promotions offered by Telmex.

“We are very excited to launch our newest technology, an augmented reality solution, with Telmex. This solution provides brands with a groundbreaking new technology that can engage customers by the one item they have with them at all times – their cell phones or tablets. Marketing in Mexico is focusing more and more on mobile solutions, as is the rest of the world, and expect to capture significant market share as evidenced by our ability to win business from a big established player like Telmex,” says Atul Sabharwal, Snipp’s CEO.