Telecom-Focused Cryptocurrency Telcoin Joins GSMA as Stage is Set for Major Innovation

It’s one of the hidden gems of cryptocurrency, if you ask any crypto geniuses in-the-know.

Telcoin — or TEL — announced this week that the company is now officially a member of the GSMA , “joining nearly 800 operators and more than 300 companies in the mobile ecosystem,” a tweet from the Telcoin team explains.

“Telcoin is the first telecom-focused cryptocurrency, distributed in partnership with GSMA network operators to mobile subscribers globally,” Telcoin’s page on the GSMA site elucidates. “Our central mission is financial inclusion – empowering a broad spectrum of mobile users with expanded access to the global financial system of the future. With or without a bank account, Telcoin can be used by anyone – tech-savvy smartphone users, unbanked feature phone users, and the rapidly growing middle segment of underbanked smartphone users alike.”

Following it’s successful ICO in January, the Telcoin team has reaffirmed its commitment to an ambitious roadmap for 2018 and beyond — a mission that could forever alter the mobile fintech landscape.

“By combining the reach of mobile networks and the fast, borderless nature of blockchain technology, we provide an easy and secure gateway to cryptocurrency adoption on any mobile device,” the GSMA profile of Telcoin clarifies.

Telcoin Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore with a team operating out of Tokyo, Japan.

To learn more about Telcoin and its stated plans for “financial inclusion in a mobile world,” click here.