Teens Totally Tubing: Mobile Video Watched Three Hours Per Day

When it comes to mobile video, teenagers in the U.S. are the biggest fans of the format. They spend a lot of time — whether on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or other channels — watching video on their phones.

A recent ‘Think with Google’ survey conducted by Ipsos revealed that roughly seven in 10 teen smartphone users spend at least three hours per day watching video on their phones.

Smartphone time in general is big with this age cohort.

“More than half (51 percent) of teens said they spend three or more hours a day on social networks, and another 52 percent said the same about messaging apps,” reports eMarketer. “Meanwhile, roughly four in 10 respondents said they spent 3 or more hours each day playing games.”

Smartphone ownership, required for such extensive video viewing, is high among teens. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization supporting children and media, recently released stats showing that nearly eight in 10 respondents ages 13 to 18 now own a smartphone. In fact, they’re more likely to own a smartphone than a tablet, video game console, or laptop.

Data shows that many teens like to watch Netflix (37 percent of teens’ daily time is spent viewing video content there), while cable TV accounted for 25 percent of daily viewing and YouTube accounted for 26 percent of teens’ video time.

These observations are valuable to marketers who want to reach teens on channels they frequent.

As for parents and teachers, this insight is — no doubt — not exactly earth-shattering news.