Teen Smartphone Purchase Plans at Record High

More and more US teenagers are entering the US smartphone market.

According to the findings from a new survey by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, teen attitudes toward smartphones – and, in particular, those made by Apple – have never been stronger or more favorable.

Based on the input from the 4,500 students surveyed, 37% of teens expressed plans to purchase an iPhone in the next six months. For one of Piper Jaffray’s bi-annual surveys, this figure represents an all-time high.

17% of teenagers presently own an iPhone, which is an increase from 14% six months ago.

Corresponding to the growing interest in iDevices, Apple’s market share in portable media players has never been stronger in the teen market – 86%, an increase from 78% six months ago.

Equally impressive is the permeation of the tablet computer among teenagers. The survey found that 22% of students either own a tablet or have one in their house. What’s more, an additional 20% anticipate buying a tablet within the next six months.

Where there’s smartphones, there’s music and social media. 65% of teens report using peer-to-peer music sharing networks. The percentage of students who actually download music stands at 77%.