TechCrunch: Groundbreaking Native Advertising Platform Coming to Mobile

TechCrunch Groundbreaking Native Advertising Platform Coming to MobileThis afternoon, TechCrunch was the first to report exclusive details of a new partnership that will deliver the world’s first comprehensive native advertising platform for mobile.

New York-based Hubbl – a maker of app discovery and personalization technologies – has been acquired by Airpush, one of the fastest growing mobile ad networks in the industry.

The $15 million acquisition will allow the two businesses to join forces and accelerate the growth of native advertising in the mobile arena.

Now at AirPush, the Hubbl team is working on a new product, the founders tell TechCrunch, explaining that it will take advantage of everything they’ve learned over the years building tools for app discovery, and later, more personalized app recommendations, followed by a B2B app distribution product.

“The company doesn’t want to reveal the exact details about how the native advertising solution will work on mobile for competitive reasons, but generally speaking, it’s an attempt to rethink how this trend toward native ads on the web can work on smaller screens,” today’s report reads.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to develop the technology over the past the year, and joining forces with an industry leader like Airpush provides us access to superior resources and immediate distribution at scale while allowing the Hubbl team to stay focused on innovation,” says Archana Patchirajan, founder and CTO of Hubbl.

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