Tech Stock Analyst Sees Big Moves for AAPL This Year

Now trading well above $600 per share, AAPL has exploded over the last twelve months and helped many earn small to large fortunes seemingly overnight.

And depending upon which Wall Street analyst has your ear today, you may be hearing that it’s not too late to join the profit parade.

On Monday, Brian White, a leading market analyst formerly with Ticonderoga Securities and now with Topeka Capital Markets, said that AAPL still has huge upside potential.

“Driven by an ever expanding portfolio of innovative products,” White revealed today, “a growing integrated digital grid, unmatched aesthetics and a brand that is able to touch the soul of consumers of all backgrounds, Apple fever is spreading like a wildfire around the world and we see no end in sight to this trend.”

White is now the first top Wall Street watcher to set a price target for AAPL at $1001. A major reason for the lofty projection, however, is due to Apple’s rumored forthcoming introduction of a connected HDTV.

“Apple’s digital grid is tough to match and iCloud further strengthens this ecosystem, however, Apple is missing an important product and that is a full blown TV,” White concludes. “We believe the pieces are in place for a launch over the next year, driving an entirely new $100 billion market opportunity, while further strengthening the company’s digital grid and providing customers with a new TV experience.”