Tech Industry Leaders Team to Encourage Innovation in Financial Services

Tech Industry Leaders Team to Encourage Innovation in Financial ServicesSome of the biggest names in technology — Amazon, Apple, Google, Intuit and PayPal — have just announced the formation of Financial Innovation Now, a coalition that will promote policies to help foster greater innovation in financial services.

“Innovation is coming to financial services, and now is the time for Washington to help enable a modern financial system that is more accessible, affordable, and secure,” said Brian Peters, Executive Director of Financial Innovation Now. “This alliance of remarkably innovative companies brings a new voice to Washington’s financial conversations, and we look forward to engaging on a wide range of opportunities. Whether it is protecting consumers, growing small businesses, or promoting financial literacy and savings, Financial Innovation Now wants policymakers to understand how new technologies can help solve today’s policy challenges.”

According to details shared with MMW, the organization and its member companies believe that financial innovation will empower consumers by improving access to financial tools and services, increasing convenience and ease of use, and helping users save money and lower costs.

“In addition,” the statement notes, “it will enable small businesses to grow and succeed with greater access to capital and analytical tools to make strategic, data-driven decisions, and strengthen authentication and security solutions for everyone.”