Taykey Uses ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’ to Tackle the Inventory Quality Challenge

Real-time data company, Taykey, just announced the launch of the Taykey Smart Whitelist, a real-time data layer designed to proactively optimize for quality, relevance, and engagement by identifying the content generating the most engagement across the general population.

Similar to other quality and brand safety controls, Smart Whitelist is designed to be used across all campaigns, and in tandem with audience targeting tactics to maximize campaign engagement and performance.

Why is this important?

For programmatic buyers, finding safe, quality content at scale has become a critical challenge. Concerns about quality and safety have driven buyers toward more manual, static, and less scalable approaches such as building “whitelists” of preferred websites.

Static approaches also fail to protect brands from aligning with topics and personalities that have suddenly become controversial. In a recent survey conducted by Taykey and Digiday, 88% of media buyers said they struggled with the challenge of balancing inventory quality and scale.

Taykey’s Smart Whitelist takes a unique ‘wisdom of the crowds’ approach to the problem by using the company’s patented AI to scan social platforms, websites, blogs and wikis to identify the topics generating the most engagement among the general population. Each topic is then translated into lists of hundreds of URLs, representing the most relevant article and video placements. These URLs are sent directly to participating DSPs for targeting and updated continuously as interests change throughout the day. Natural language processing is also applied in real-time to exclude all negative or controversial content and provide an additional layer of brand protection.

“Billions of data points are generated every day by consumers engaging with content across social media platforms, websites, blogs, and wikis. In aggregate, this data is a powerful and dynamic indicator of consumer interest and sentiment. Taykey believes it can be harnessed to allow consumers to speak for themselves with regard to what quality content really means,” said Amit Avner, founder & CEO of Taykey. “We discovered that the relevance of a piece of content correlated strongly with traditional industry measures of quality, including page engagement and viewability. This approach finally offers a scalable and efficient way for brands to target the best possible environment for every impression and ultimately maximize campaign performance.”

To learn more, check out Taykey here.