Taykey Talks Key Takeaways from This Year’s Political Conventions

With the advent of social media and global mobile connectivity, it’s never been easier or more efficient to assess how well a candidate for president emerged from his or her nominating convention.

That much is clear this week thanks to the folks at Taykey. They’ve just issued new insights exploring the impact of the major national conventions on the popularity and likeability of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“While the outcome still hangs in the balance, it’s already clear that this year’s presidential election is generating historic amount of online conversation including social media posts, likes, and shares as well as debates in online blogs and forums,” the Taykey team tells us. “Coming out of the Republican and Democratic conventions, we analyzed this treasure trove of data to answer a critical election season question: Did the candidates benefit from the buzz generated by their respective conventions? Read on for our analysis of the data surrounding one of the first major general election milestones.”

Read on, indeed. To do so click here and be sure to peruse the infographic posted below.