Taykey Brings Trend Advertising to Programmatic Buyers

02_h5001Taykey, an audience company that analyzes data points to help brands discover and act on what’s trending in real-time, just announced the availability of its Trend Advertising platform for programmatic ad buyers.

According to the announcement Wednesday morning, Trading desks and in-house programmatic teams can now use Taykey’s trend data within their buying platform to continuously align campaigns with relevant content for their target audience segments in real-time.

MMW was briefed at length on the news and we’re told that Taykey has offered Trend Advertising for more than four years as a managed service solution. But the company’s move into Programmatic buying comes in response to customer demand as well as the significant challenge faced by programmatic brand advertisers in cost effectively aligning with acceptable content.

“Fragmentation and the unpredictability of audience interest is making it difficult for programmatic brand buyers to target quality, relevant content at scale” said Taykey CEO, Amit Avner. “By bringing real-time trend data into today’s programmatic workflow, we can deliver the quality of a private exchange with the reach and cost efficiency of an open exchange.”

Taykey’s programmatic solution introduces several new features into its Trend Advertising platform. First, programmatic buyers will now have access to a self-service interface that allows them to define custom audience segments according to demographics and interests. Taykey monitors what’s trending for these audiences in real-time and translates each trend into URLs for specific articles and videos across the web. This data is automatically piped into the buyer’s platform for targeting and continuously updated. Integration with DoubleClick Bid Manager is available at launch with a series of other platform integrations planned throughout the year.

To learn more, check out Taykey here.