Tax Day Brings Tax Relief to Mobile Accessories

The folks at iLuv Creative Technology are offering “tax relief” to consumers on April 15th – or “tax day” here in the United States.

The well-known provider of leading accessories for the mobile lifestyle is offering consumers 20% off all accessories on their website today.

Whether shoppers are looking to reward themselves with their hard earned tax refund or celebrate just completing their taxes, iLuv has a wide array of accessories available for a variety of mobile devices.

Clever marketing, indeed.

“We are excited to be able to offer shoppers a Tax Day discount on all of our mobile accessories,” says Jason Park, Marketing Manager at iLuv Creative Technology. “Consumers work hard for their tax refunds, and iLuv is proud to offer our award-winning accessories at 20% off. We offer mobile accessories for every lifestyle, whether shoppers are looking for a stylish new business case for their tablet or a new pair of headphones to enjoy their favorite music.”

In reality, however, this “tax day” discount isn’t just for today.

iLuv’s Tax Day promotion runs at from April 12th-April 30th. Shoppers can use the code UDTWWC to receive 20% off their entire purchase.