Tatango: When Should SMS Be on a Restaurant’s Marketing Menu?

This week, Derek Johnson, founder & CEO of Tatango, shared some interesting insights on the official Tatango blog.

SMS/text message marketing has become a huge resource for restaurants, the owners of which are drastically ramping up their reliance on text messages to connect with current and prospective patrons.

But timing is everything when it comes to text message marketing. And the potential of this powerful platform can be squandered if messages aren’t sent or received at the right times.

A survey conducted by thinkinsights shows that breakfast time could be the right time for texting in some cases.

“72% of people either choose where they will eat less than an hour before or completely on impulse while 20% take an hour or more to decide,” the Tatango post reads. “Sending a text promotion to these people 60 or more minutes prior to breakfast is best but be careful! Remember not to wake people up either.”

What about texts targeting those looking for lunch or dinner? Tatango has some valuable knowledge to share for whatever is on your marketing menu. Click here to check out the full post.