Tatango Group Messaging- Live To The Public

Tatango is an excellent group messaging platform that takes simplicity to a whole new level. The service went into a private beta period a little over a month ago, and just recently launched it’s service to the public.

Since a private launch of Tatango back in October 2007, the company has built a user base of over 500,000 users and has delivered over 25 million text messages to group members nationwide. Where the service shines is the fact that, unlike its competitors, Tatango provides a group text messaging platform that caters to a wide variety of groups, ranging from small recreational athletic teams to large organizations and businesses.

Tatango offers a completely intuitive feature set that allows any group to easily connect their circle of contacts, regardless of mobile device or carrier, and do so using one of the most simplified and uncluttered user interfaces available today.

“SMS has become the most popular form of communication, yet there has been no website that has made this technology easily accessible to groups. We’ve developed Tatango exclusively, to fill this demand.” Said Derek Johnson, CEO and founder of Tatango. “Our mission at Tatango has always been to improve group communication through the use of mobile phones, with Tatango, we have achieved this.

Group messaging has been around for a while now, but to accomplish it meant using a complicated platform, or a variety of platforms along with separate tracking and analytical services to get the job done. Tatango has taken out all the guess work and incorporated an all-inclusive group messaging platform that makes use of ad-supported messages to remain free of charge.