Tatango Answers The 10 Most Asked Location Based Mobile Marketing Questions

According to Derek Johnson, founder & CEO of Tatango, the explosion of mobile marketing over the last couple of years has resulted in Tatango seeing an increased interest in location based SMS campaigns.

Along with that interest have come some surprisingly common questions.

“While this type of technology has been around for years, there’s still a lot of questions regarding location based mobile marketing, and concepts like mobile geofencing, and how these technologies can be used to improve your SMS marketing campaigns,” Johnson says.

On Wednesday, Tatango published one of the most insightful and must-bookmark blogs we’ve seen in a while. Having recruited good friend Rip Gerber, the founder of Locaid, to produce the aforementioned blog, Tatango is taking up the top 10 most commonly asked location based mobile marketing questions.

For example:

What is mobile geofencing?

Mobile geofencing, which is sometimes called Geotargeting, is a location-based service (LBS) where layers of location intelligence allow a brand to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area of an SMS subscriber. Mobile geofencing isn’t a new technology either, and as our society becomes increasingly mobile, developers and brands are realizing the added value that mobile geofencing can bring to their SMS marketing campaigns.

To check out the full post (and we enthusiastically recommend doing just that) click here.